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Hello angel! In case you do not know me yet, I am Mallory Bales- I am so delighted to meet you! I help women uncover radical self-love and remember who they are in truth by cultivating an intimate relationship with their higher power and befriending their ego. I am guessing you are here because you are ready to thrive and live to your potential. If you are willing to go to any length for your healing process- I definitely got the hook up for you gorgeous!

My story

I am a spiritual teacher, miracle-minded life coach, and speaker. Not too long ago I was a radically opposite human. I was a hardcore alcoholic, stripper, and believed that I had nothing to offer to the world. One night while I was in a deep state of depression I called out to ‘something’ in the Universe for help, and from this moment on my life has been serendipitously guided by the forces of love. My greatest passion is inspiring women to remember that they are not who they think that they are, they are way beyond who they could have ever imagined to be.

I Believe

I believe that radical self-love comes from falling in love with a power greater than ourselves. I believe that this power that is in us, but not of us, teaches us how to discover our inner radiance and beauty. I believe that everything and anything is possible once we surrender our will over to the forces of love. I believe that true beauty is found from shifting into spirit identification.

I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them

Yogi Bhajan

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