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The naked essence is a radical journey of self-discovery. It is a journey from being identified as the body, to unapologetically honoring the gorgeous body, as a means of awakening into our most powerful self.

Many people embark on a spiritual path because they want to be free from suffering. They see pictures of peaceful looking yogis and hear the hype about manifesting their dreams. They feel allured by the enchanted forest fairies and colorful chakra paintings. They are ready to experience magic, bliss, and peace. ⁣

Ultimately the purpose of spiritual-development is to identify with the light rather than the darkness as our true self. The thing is, in order to know ourselves as the light all the darkness which has accumulated lifetime after lifetime has to purge. In order to discover our naked essence layers of the false self have to be stripped away, which may look like a bloody death process. ⁣

At the end of the day every being wishes to be happy and no want wants to suffer. The reason we do self-development work is so we can live a more harmonious whole-hearted life and embody authentic joy, but it is not a mature spiritual path if we attempt to bypass the intelligent darkness. ⁣

This podcast is about how to live a more skillful spiritual path through light work and shadow work. These conversations hold space for the duality of human experience while invoking the inspiration and determination to rise. The Naked Essence redefines what it means to live in the light and helps us uncover our true nature 
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