Queen, my questions for you are...

  • Do you have a relentless desire to remember who you truly are? 
  • Are you ready to embody faith and trust in a greater intelligence? 
  • Are you ready to experience more authentic joy and wildness? 
  • Are you curious how to skillfully work with your shadow? 
  • Do you want tools that help elevate your energy handy in your back pocket? 
  • Would you like to radically accept yourself including all of your flaws? 
  • Are you ready to fall madly in love with life? 
  • Are you determined to live to your potential?

If you answered YES, then I am delighted to tell you...

You are in alignment to take flight and RISE babes! Your determination to embark on this transformational journey is a superpower that will allow you to uncover who you really are- pure unconditioned love. As we remember who we are it becomes easier to fall in love with ourselves and can not help but to fall in love with the world. Living from Divine love is the greatest high and it is what all humans truly desire. It takes serious commitment, discipline, training, and gentleness to live to our potential although. If you are willing to go to any length for your growth, then you are ready to soar. 

Please know that I understand and empathize with where you are at.

The ego is a trickster! It constantly tries to place blinders over the pure light of true self. I know all about this! From the time I was a little girl up until twenty four I had no idea who I was. I thought it was cool to be a rude and believed being soulful was embarrassing. I felt as if I had zero love in my heart. It took serious digging and effort to reprogram my subconscious and uncover love. I would be lying if I said I am embodied in my light every moment, but I do wake up on a mission to overcome past karma and live from love. Some days I might feel dark but I know how to embody who I am during those moments, the one who is holding darkness with warm tender kind arms. The process of self-actualization is not about feeling light and joyful in every moment. The light is the fire of determination- having the willingness to return to love/the true self/spiritual connection over and over again.

My Role as Your Coach:

  • Help you uncover what is blocking you from love’s presence and motivate you to do everything in your will to connect to the light within  
  • Help you set up sacred ritualistic structures, spiritual practices, and build heart-centered community so you may ground yourself in your true self and be led by a greater intelligence
  • Help illuminate limited fear-based beliefs which keep you stuck in the false self and offer countless elevating tools, prompts, and practices which help you rise 
  • Help you get in tune with what works and does not work with your energy 
  • Explore the wisdom of your shadow. I will offer guidance on how to apply radical-acceptance to the aspects of self which seem unloveable 
  • Help you tap into the power of love: radical self-love, love for something greater than self, and kindness towards others. I believe love is the greatest healer. My goal as your coach is to help you open your heart and uncover this love
  • Hold you accountable for your growth process by encouraging you to check-in regularly in between sessions 

I desire for you to...

  • feel connected to something greater than yourself
  • notice how everything is divinely led 
  • begin to have faith in a greater intelligence
  • transform suffering into purpose and spiritual practice 
  • befriend yourself 
  • feel more gratitude
  • feel inspired regularly 
  • be more grounded and embodied 
  • discover what activates joy within you 
  • be determined to live as your highest self everyday 
  • wake up and go to sleep feeling on purpose 
  • create sacred community and meet spirit sisters/brothers
  • fall in love with spiritual practice 
  • fall in love with life 
  • remember, embrace, and own who you really are 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."- Carl Jung

Who are my services for?

You are my ideal client if you are determined to rise in the light. I work with beings who are on a mission to live as their highest self and do not make excuses to do the inner- work. My clients are ambitious AF. They are relentless in the pursuit of spiritual development no matter how dark, loud, and chaotic their ego is. 

My life coaching is not for you if…

you are not willing to take the actions you set out for yourself 

you have little or no interest in cultivating a relationship with something greater than yourself

you are not willing to ask for help and guidance from something greater 

you are not willing to do challenging work.

are not okay with having your ego called out 

About our time together...

We begin our journey together by you filling out a questionnaire. Then we hop on a discovery call for 30-45 minutes. This is the point where you decide if the coaching series feels like a hell yes within your being! 

If it feels like a hell yes, you will decide if you want to work together for three or six months. We will speak twice a month for one hour over skype or zoom . (Besides the first call which is 1 hour and fifteen minutes) 

In between the coaching calls I will be available for unlimited support through the app Voxer. I invite you to ask me any questions that come up regarding our coaching series and present work from the latest call. 

You will achieve all you want and SO much more from life coaching with me if you are  willing and committed to go to any length to live discover your true self! 

There is nothing holy about perpetuating victim consciousness in order to feel comfortable

Mallory Bales

Your good intentions are not enough, your willingness is everything


Are You Ready To Uncover Love?

Coaching Packages

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One-on-One Coaching Packages

3 Month Series

$ 600 3 Months
  • 6 Skype Sessions

6 Month Series

$ 1,200 6 Months
  • 12 Skype Sessions

What you can expect...

  • The foundation of our work is to set 2-3 inspiring goals that make you scream HELL YES!
  • During the calls we will create challenging and inspiring action steps that will catapult you to embody your goal 
  • I help you breakthrough limitations and uncover blocks
  • I also offer bi-monthly podcasts, weekly live feeds, and teachings every day on social media