Queen, my questions for you are...

  • Have you always struggled with anxiety? 

  • What about intrusive thoughts? 

  • Are you sick and tired of numbing your pain? 

  • Do you often feel like you are crawling out of your skin? 

  • Does anxiety block you from showing up fully in life? 

  • Do you long to feel inner-peace? Grounded? Alive yummy sensual feminine energy?

  • Do you desire to embody your potential and live your sacred mission? 

  • Are you a total spirit junkie? 

  • Do you believe you can heal anxiety through committed spiritual connection and practices? 

  • Are you ready to do the damn thang?!



If you answered yes to any of these than I have a solution for you light warrior:

Anxiety is a bitch. There is nothing fun about it. I have discovered a brilliant solution to OCD, alcoholism, eating disorders, social anxiety, and overall chronic anxiety through committed spiritual practice and connection. This path is not for the faint hearted because it requires serious effort, consistency, and commitment. If you are willing and ready to do the inner-work, you have what it takes to rise from the hell of anxiety into the highest expression of yourself. The solution consist of taking spiritual medicine all day long and surrendering your life to a power greater than self. 

Please know that I understand and empathize with where you are at.

 My entire life I struggled with chronic anxiety and mental health. I became an alcoholic at thirteen because I did not know how to cope with an insane mind! I got sober because of my love for my spiritual path, but once I stopped numbing with alcohol and drugs the intense intrusive thoughts, sharp rigidity, social panic, and sensation of crawling out of my skin amplified. The only way out was through serious meditation, radial acceptance, gentleness, surrender, deep devotion, embodiment practices, spiritual community, and goddess empowerment. The perpetual anxiety felt as if it was never going to end but it did! Of course I still experience anxiety, because I am human, but I don’t live in a constant state of it anymore. I am a reflection you can make it to the other side sweet love, with genuine peace of mind and a delicious purpose fueled life! 

My Role as Your Coach:

  • I help you connect, surrender, and become more intimate with a power greater than yourself 
  • I help you set up a sacred structure of living which grounds you in Spirit and regulates your parasympathetic nervous system 
  • I guide you to practice radical self-acceptance in order to remember there is NOTHING WRONG with you, no matter how insane your mind might feel! 
  • I help you explore your shadows in order to make the subconscious conscious, so you can better befriend yourself and step into your sacred power. 
  • I initiate you into the divine feminine energies which activates more calmness, spaciousness, fluidity, and gentleness within your being 
  • I offer a myriad of spiritual practices such as: meditation, journaling prompts, emotional freedom technique (EFT/tapping) pranayama (yogic breath work), mantras, prayers, tools to shift mundane tasks into the sacred, full moon and new moon rituals, candle magic, ceremonies, and angel card guidance. 
  • I encourage you to cultivate spiritual friendships-which is one of the most powerful medicines for anxiety. 
  • I support you through WhatsApp support, holding you accountable for doing the inner-work. 

I desire for you to...

  • create a sacred structure which grounds you in spirit 
  • apply meditation in your daily life 
  • fall in love with spiritual practice 
  • trust there is a higher power and spirit guides always available for guidance
  • befriend and accept yourself 
  • discover the wisdom within anxiety 
  • embody more gentleness 
  • learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body 
  • create a solid spiritual tool box that you can always turn to  
  • embody more of the divine feminine energy 
  • counteract the ego’s habitual patterns
  • pause more and befriend patience 
  • meet spirit sisters and sacred community
  •  remember who you really are! 

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."-Carl R. Rogers,

You are my ideal client if you are willing to go to any length to do the inner-work and suggestions to heal.There is a miraculous spiritual solution that not only heals anxiety but activates one’s sacred mission, but it requires massive effort and courage. My services are for light warriors who embody determination to rise no matter how dark and stormy it might be! 

  • you are not ready to surrender your life to a greater power 
  • you are not willing to go to any length to heal 
  • you are not willing to take the actions you set out for yourself 

About our time together...

We begin our journey together by you filling out a questionnaire. Then we hop on a discovery call for 30-45 minutes. This is the point where you decide if the coaching series feels like a hell yes within your being! 

If it feels like a hell yes, you will decide if you want to work together for three or six months. We will speak twice a month for one hour over skype or zoom . (Besides the first call which is 1 hour and fifteen minutes) 

In between the coaching calls I will be available for unlimited support through the app Voxer. I invite you to ask me any questions that come up regarding our coaching series and present work from the latest call. 

You will achieve all you want and SO much more from life coaching with me if you are  willing and committed to go to any length to uncover peace!

Your good intentions are not enough, your willingness is everything


Are You Ready To Uncover Peace?

Coaching Packages

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One-on-One Coaching Packages

3 Month Series

$ 900 3 Months
  • 6 Skype Sessions

6 Month Series

$ 1,800 6 Months
  • 12 Skype Sessions

What you can expect...

  • The foundation of our work is to set 2-3 inspiring goals that make you scream HELL YES!
  • During the calls we will create challenging and inspiring action steps that will catapult you to embody your goal 
  • I help you breakthrough limitations and uncover blocks
  • I also offer bi-monthly podcasts, weekly live feeds, and teachings every day on social media