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Empowerment: The Willingness to Feel Tender

Late last evening I sat in anguish as I contemplated the way I was feeling. I had the most severe aversion to the feeling of being vulnerable and I couldn’t stop judging myself for resisting the growing pains that stem from vulnerability. After sitting for a while I knew it

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My Journey of Acceptance

I will never forget the day I was sitting in my therapists office and she kept telling me that the only solution to the hell-hole I was drowning in was to accept myself. I looked at her with bugged eyes and thought, ‘are you fucking nuts lady, ACCEPT MYSELF, ACCEPT

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Acceptance is the Answer

We all have those people in our lives that seem like they are always happy and have all their shit together. I know my first initial response is to judge myself for not always feeling like I am blasting radiant rays of light from my heart like a god damn

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