The Dark Side of Faith

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Most teachings we hear about faith encourage us to focus on the light/ believe in what is not yet seen, engage imagination, have fun until it what you desires comes into fruition, and practice gratitude.

Let me introduce myself,

I am a light worker and shadow worker🖤I believe we absolutely have to focus on these qualities in order to live our best life. They are not Hocus Pocus, these are the recipes to magic. All of these qualities help us embody the abundance and good that is present in every moment. Ultimately, what we desire is never about the thing, it is about a feeling we want to feel, which we can cultivate now through the power of mind training and focus


The shadow and karmic patterns of disappointment, sadness, frustration, anger, ETC can be strong as fuck. We can know all these things and still want to throw a shoe at the wall, binge eat, and curl up in a ball sobbing. We can know there are more great things to focus on than the ‘negative’, but the hurricane within is blowing at a five and we feel like we can’t even stand up sometimes. Spiritual teachings feel distant and hollow AF in these moments

The process of embodying faith can be dark AF. There are points where you might want to give up and say fuck you to your spirit guides. You will most likely feel the child within you stomp around throwing a temper tantrum. These are the moments to hold ourselves with tender love knowing there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us feeling this way. This is the dark cycle of the faith process.

There will be highs and lows on the spiritual journey always. You may read or listen to a teaching and feel inspired for a few hours. Then the storm will roll in again. Don’t force the storm to leave or shame it, just be with it. Allow the tears to thaw out the wounds of separation around your heart. Feel the presence of love surrounding if you feel alone. Ask for guidance and after you have allowed yourself to wallow, ask for strength, and be determined to live in the light again.

Being determined to live in the light does not mean you will always be in the light. It requires feeling your emotions fully, even allowing yourself to be in victim consciousness for a bit, and then knowing enough is enough, I am ready to rise and co-create the life I truly desire. This is where we turn back to the fundamental magic recipes of faith, once we have gotten real with our shadow.

I have found the greatest way for me to rise again after falling hard is to first feel and accept my raw naked feelings, investigate (which might include a phone call to mentor or friend), and then turn my attention to uplift others. I have created a free video training and workbook series called ‘shifting suffering into purpose’ which demonstrates this process step by step.


Also- if you feel what I just wrote about, this is going to the essence of my podcast I am relaunching very soon. How to get real with light work and shadow work within spiritual-development.

And if you need extra support with all of this spiritual development stuff, you know I got you boo. I am a 1:1 sacred empowerment coach who specializes in this realm. Please reach out!

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I’m Mallory Bales. I’m a miracle-minded life coach, spiritual teacher, speaker, and podcast host. I’m committed to helping women tap into their unlimited potential by surrendering to a higher power.

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