Embodying Agape Love

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Have you ever seen the exorcist? If so, do you remember the scene where she is projectile vomiting nasty green everywhere? Well, that is how my insides felt as I listened to this man Paul Bloom speak about how he is ‘against empathy’. The deeper I got into the research the more I realized  all of the inside vomit had nothing to do with what he was saying, and everything to do with my internal judgments. I held no empathy or compassion for his perception and the inner mess was a reflection of my resistance to agape love, radical unconditional love. If it isn’t Paul Bloom, it is someone else the ego is trying to resist. Marianne Williamson states that love is like a detox process, it brings up all darkness and purges everything that is not of itself. Judgments are not bad, they are our soul’s way of purging.

The saying what would Jesus do is so cliche, but seriously, what would Jesus (or lets shift it to the Goddess if that feels better) do in that situation? Would the Goddess be thinking, “What a prick. I am so empathic and compassionate. I can’t stand people who are not” Um. NO! The Goddess would be spirituality mature and hold the containment for understanding. Immaturity on a spiritual path shows up in different costumes everyday. In that moment, empathy and compassion were dressed up like a cute bumble bee, but instead they went straight for the kill stinging Paul Bloom right in the head. The ego is immaturity at its core,  it is unripe consciousness. Marianne Williamson always says we can passionately disagree with someone while respecting their view point. Love knows everything besides itself is an illusion, there is no reason to hate.

In an interview anti-empathy dude Paul Bloom states, “Empathy is not some wise powerful glowing force that makes us good people, it usual reflects certain judgmental unfair processes that guide us to favor empathy for some and not for others.” Thank you sir. Bloom for illuminating my ego with this statement! The ego is always looking to resent and separate from others, that’s just it’s jam. We are powerless over the judgements the ego makes, what we are not powerless is how we choose to respond.

In each moment we have the freedom to believe the separation or heal it. What would the Goddess do? My wild guess is the goddess would witness her thoughts without judgment and then forgive the separation. The thing is, the goddess is within us and in every moment we can turn to her to correct our minds. We can offer every loveless thought to the forces of love. Every time we offer judgements over, we remember who we really are, we rise into our goddess power.

The real question is: how bad do we want to live in oneness with our Creator? How bad do we want to see, think, and act as God(ess) would? If we have a burning desire within our soul to live from our highest potential, then we will find fierce vigilance to keep returning back to love. (With gentleness when we don’t because God damn, this shit is tough! )

In the judgement detox Gabby Bernstein states that every judgment is a separation from love. It doesn’t matter what the judgement is, they are all a detour from our heart. The real spiritual practice is being in relationship with people who think differently and still holding the vision of their Divinity. I would be lying like a MOFO if I pretended like this was easy. When we are placed in these situations we feel really triggered and shift from heart to fearful mind. There has been scientific research that states a trigger hits us in 0.0000001 seconds! That is insane! It is vital to be gentle with ourselves when we react because we travel almost as fast as the speed of light into our ego patterns in those moments.

We have to remember there is a God(ess) that will do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. It is not our small earthly self who shows up with heart field as wide as the world in challenging dynamics, it is the spark of Divinity within us.This spark teaches us how to love with our whole heart. How we show up in the world comes back to one simple question: how will are you  to be one with your Creator? Willingness is a untethered force of nature. If you have the willingness to love, not love just for the people who think the same or look the same, but really really love, agape love- then you will be endowed with the strength to show up more consciously in relationship.


I’ll end this thought with the St. Francis prayer:

 “O Divine Master,Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as too console;To be understood as to understand;To be loved as to love.  For it is in giving that we receive;It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

We must become willing moment after moment to die to the illusion of separation so we can be reborn into the awareness of our Divinity. The potential to love with this much courage and fullness is within every single human.  If you have the eternal longing to know the Beloved within every single one of your cells, down to your bare raw bones, then you too can experience agape love, your true self.

Tools :

Forgive your thoughts… ‘ I forgive you judgement”

Prayer ‘ Please help me see this differently” or “I am willing to see this differently”


If you are looking for more guidance and support on your spiritual journey please reach out to me sister. I am a 1:1 life coach who helps women uncover love. As I mentioned this shit is challenging!!!! Tapping into your soul potential is a very deep process that requires lots of work and accountability. I would love to hold the space for your transformation into your most empowered goddess self. I offer complimentary discovery calls. Send me a email if you are feeling inspired to explore more!

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