Emotional Alchemy Through Spiritual Practice.

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In A Course In Miracles it states that a miracle is a shift in perception- a shift from fear to love. When we commit to create spaciousness for spiritual practices we invite in a power that is in us, but not of us, to come in and correct our minds to think with it’s thoughts. The mind is usually clouded by so much fog- spiritual practices is the sun, the insight, that allows us to see the clear path once again. As long as we rely on our contemplative practices we know we do not need to fear the fear the fog ever again! The sun is always guaranteed to come back to light up the path with clarity and direction.


Any practice that allows us to slow down and process our emotions is a form of contemplation. A shift from fear to love can take place any time we invite ourselves to step aside habitual patterns and open up a new door to express the energy that is most alive in that moment. This allows our energy to stay in motion. Spiritual practices, in all of their glorious forms, are a vessel to give emotions a voice. Emotions want to be heard, they are the Divine’s attempt to communicate with us. Spiritual practices demonstrate the willingness to pick up a phone call to our higher power.


Neuroplasticity is a scientific word that is thrown around a lot in the higher consciousness community. In the article, Mindful Eyes, Laura Sewell states, Plasticity thus refers to the rearrangement of synaptic connections, to the flexibility in the system, and to seeing the world different.”  In any embodied practices , such as yoga or meditation, the intention is to keep the awareness focused on the breath or body. This is a like taking a rocket ship deep into our senses. When we travel into our senses, we temporarily escape the fragmentations of the mind and feel a more unified presence within. This is when the expansive sunlight of Spirit begins to pour through and new synapses are created to see differently- for the miracle mindedness to arise. The spaciousness of practice precisely allows our mind to reconstruct itself so that it can function from a higher awareness beyond the everyday consciousness.


Something that is so crucial to remember is that our issues are not going to be solved in one practice. We need to become committed to creating daily rituals so that we can constantly give our emotions a voice. Our emotions are constantly speaking and they need an outlet! Whether the voice is verbal or non verbal, the energies want to be seen and transmuted into higher wisdom. Rudolph Steiner states that, “wisdom is pain crystalized”. Our practices do not have to be pretty, they are meant to be a source of communication, they invoke a greater awareness to accept what is and discover the wisdom within each emotion.


There are many different contemplative practices that I use in order to expand my perception and alchemize stagnant energies. Its important to have a variety of integrative practices from anything such as prayer, embodiment/moving, shadow work, social,journaling, internal, mentorship, artistic, etc.  I have created a  practice buffet so that everyday I have plenty of Divine outlets to recharge my spirit. The different practices I utilize range from meditation, yoga , making phone calls to spiritual buddies, service work, writing in any form, recording videos, 12 step meetings, spiritual groups, hiking, biking, praying,reading sacred texts,meeting with a mentor, mentoring someone else, kirtan/chanting, and dance. An ideal day in the life of Mallory consists of conscious spiritual practices all day long so that I can constantly keep my mind focused on my function, to be a miracle worker- to think, see, and love the way that God does- to be a channel of love.


Healing is always a choice that we make in each moment. I know that I can always shift out of heavy patterns and see things differently through tenacious effort to take action and pick up the landline with communicate to Spirit. Our higher power is always waiting on the other line but it is a violation of our free will if we do not pick up the phone first.I might not get the answers that I am desiring to hear right in that moment, but I know if I keep giving my emotions a voice then insight  will come and the path will become clear. Each phone call I make is an act of surrender, it is a conscious decision to return home to my true self.



Create a list of different spiritual practices that you can integrate throughout the day.

Choose 3 that will keep you grounded in your heart every single day.

Check out my shifting suffering into purpose workbook that goes more into detail of how to embody the integration of practices into your daily life! 


Also! I offer 1:1 coaching sessions that specialize in sacred ritual in order to cultivate a relationship with your higher power and true self. Check out my coaching page if you are hearing the call to deepen your relationship to your true self and live the life of your dreams! 


Laura Sewall, “Mindful Eyes,” Sight and Sensibility: The Ecopsychology of Perception, pp. 95-120.

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