Extending Love

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Oh love! The four letter word that is used so often and can seem without meaning sometimes. It is a word that everyone throws around but not everyone truly embodies. What does it really mean to extend love and to live through love? I remember in my past reading books and posts that would say ‘just be love’ and I would think how in the world do I ‘just be love’ when I want to punch something or when I am triggered as F*c* by someone! Love felt like airy fairy fluff.

My favorite line in ACIM is the only thing ever lacking is the love that we are not extending. At the end of the day love does conquer all. Love heals our wounds. Love lifts us up to the vibration where we remember who we are in truth. There is no green juice and chakra healing in the world that will ever heal us the way that love heals. There is no amount of self-acceptance and inner shadow work that we can do, that will allow us feel at our most radiant self, if the thought of how to extend more love is not on our mind. Love is our glitter and shine, love ultimately heals our minds.

Extending love is not always comfortable. Living with the conscious intention to extend love is something I call courageous love. It requires leaning into the edge and opening wide when we want to close off. When we hold the conscious intention to extend love we are desiring to be as our higher power would have us be, which is usually not a ‘natural’ human tendency to feel that powerful. We are not taught how to love or see through the heart of Source, so it takes an entire retraining of the mind to really really love.

In A Course In Miracles it states that the holy spirit uses the world as a teaching device to bring us home. If we want to experience the embodiment of Spirit’s love, our greatest invitation is the human in front of us.

This past summer I was very triggered during a weekend that I spend with a few people. It felt almost near impossible to be my bubbly sweet self around them. All that I wanted to do was close off, go in my room, and hide. I knew that this was a juicy healing assignment and miracles were at my finger tips if I could instead practice courageous love- opening wide and extending love. When I was around them I would get very forgetful. I put my kombucha in the oven and stumbled over all of my words! I felt like I couldn’t string together a sentence. One afternoon I went up to my room and began to ball my eyes out because I felt so foggy and disconnected from my self. As I curled up and nurtured myself in a cozy ball, I heard write from the perspective of forgetfulness from my higher self. I went straight to my journal and began to put pen to paper. Forgetfulness told me that the reason I felt so forgetful around them was because I had forgotten who I was in truth. I forgot that I was so much more than my vulnerabilities. I forgot to be love and extend love, to be who Spirit would have me be.

From this moment on I made a vow to myself that I was going to extend love like a mother fucker for the rest of the weekend! I made a list of all the different ways I could extend love to this group of people. The list ended up looking like: helping out around the house, asking them lots of questions about their life (showing genuine care and curiosity), telling them everything I appreciated about them, expressing gratitude, and being selfless/open. If I found myself in foggy forgetfulness I would walk away, sit with my journal/in meditation/ or listen to a lecture, and recharge myself so that I could remember who I was and show up again with a heart full of love. I had to walk away every few hours to recharge, but I stayed true to my vow of extending love and many miracles transpired.

Through the weekend I focused the most on expressing all the qualities I loved about them. I kept seeing past the flaws that made my ego want to separate and I kept praying for the miracle to see them only in their light. In ACIM it states, “what you acknowledge in your brother you are acknowledging within yourself and what you share you strengthen.”

What we perceive within others we are also strengthening within ourselves, no matter if it is light or darkness! It is our choice if we want to perceive someone’s gorgeous qualities or if we want to pick apart their flaws. Everyone has something beautiful about them if we allow ourselves to see differently. Energy flows where are awareness goes. Life is a game of choosing where we want to focus our awareness. Being in the light takes consciousness and rewiring, which is our only work here on this planet. Love is a full time job! We must stay convicted to choosing to see differently and leaning into our edges so that love may be uncovered. Love is the only thing that will truly allow us feel elevated, alive, and high- it is definitely well worth the work. At the end of the day, it all depends on how bad we want to feel good.

When we lift ourselves to this vibration of love we organically start to feel more grounded and empowered because it brings us home to who we are in truth. This is why extending love heals our mind, body, and spirit. Extending love is who the Divine would have us be. When we extend love we are consciously embodied in our Divinity.


Make a list of all the different ways that you can extend love

Hold the intention at least for 7 days to extend love to everyone you come in contact with

If you are feeling called to have a guide in this journey of uncovering love make sure to check out my coaching offerings page! I offer 1:1 services that will help guide you to remember who you are in truth!

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