But Do You REALLY Believe in a Higher Power?

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The other day I was at Unity church and the message was ‘how much do you reallybelieve in God(always fill in with what resonates with you)’. So many of us say we believe in a Higher Power- but when it comes to all of our daily needs, dramas, fears, plans, you name it- we believe that we are on our own. As a collective, we don’t trust that there is a force that will do EVERYTHING for us that we cannot do for ourselves.

In A Course In Miracles it talks about how the Universe is intentionally set up to take care of all of our needs and desires, but we have to align ourselves with that collaboration. When we don’t really believe in God, we are blocking so many miracles that are organically yearning to attract themselves to us. Lesson 91 in ACIM is ‘Miracles are seen in the light’. This lesson means that we have the ability to draw in unlimited opportunities by choosing to see in the light. Spiritual vision is seeing beyond what may be tangible or apparent through the physical eyes.

This is also what we call faith darlings! Faith is see seeing what is not there! In order to really believe in God, we need to trust that even though we can’t see this force- it is always there waiting to aide us. There are no limits! Whether we need help with something emotional or physical, it has our back at all times- as long as we are open, receptive, and devoted to it. Even though we can’t see the money that we need to pay rent, we need to trust that it is in the realm of infinite possibilities and by really believing, it will come in a creative way. As soon as we can really believe in God, we draw the light into the tangible. This is also what we call the law of attraction. It comes from really believing.

A couple days ago I was caught in a never ending hamster wheel of anxiety for hours. It was quite dreadful. I had no willingness to get out of my own way and offer the ‘problem’ over to my Higher Power. At the end of the day I reviewed my day (what did I learn, what did I do the best, what can I improve, where was I helpful) and through my inventory I realized that my Higher Power was nonexistent throughout this issue!

If someone would have asked me during the day if I believed in a power greater than myself, I would have said FUCK YES! But, my inner world did not reflect this at all. Where was my HP when I was on the endless hamster wheel to hell? I could have easily walked away, taken 10 deep breaths, and screamed internally ‘I AM WILLING TO BE WILLING FOR YOU TO TAKE THIS FROM ME!’.

In ACIM it states, “Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator.”  Prayer is the quickest way to build a rainbow bridge of communication to my HP. As soon as I pray, I remember that I am not alone, and remember that there is something waiting on my behalf to do the heavy lifting, to remove what is not mine to hold.

Something that is crucial to remember is that our Creator wants us to remember It constantly. In ACIM it states that miracles arise out of conviction! We need to pray with conviction. Saying one prayer for insight, a change in perception, or for removal- will take a few pounds of the emotional load and is the start of a miraculous chain of events. But, for the miracle to occur, which is to be lifted beyond the veil of this world into the vibration of faith , we need to pray and remember Spirit with conviction! This is how we really begin to believe in God!

At the end of the day miracles are freedom from fear. If we are not really believing in God, that means that we are in fear. Anytime we find ourselves in this low vibration it is a gift to question ourselves ‘Am I really believing in God?’ From there we can open up that channel of communication so that Spirit can rearrange our thoughts, actions, and words in alignment with what we need to rise above this world. But always remember, we need to continue to return back to the loving thoughts of God with conviction, over and over again until the miracle happens! There is the saying “God will never give you more than you can handle”- this is is true, if you really believe in a Higher Power!


Mantra/question : Am I really believing in God( fill in the blank with what resonates)”?

After you ask this: Creator, please help me see this differently, I am willing to be willing to give this to you. Please show me what you would have me do. 

When it continues to arise: label it as fear, and pray again- please take this from me. 

With conviction it will begin to dissipate and further actions will be intuitively guided to soothe some balm on the wound.


My question for you is : Are you really believing in a Higher Power right now in your life? Where could you be believing more? Please comment below, I would love love love to hear about your relationship to Source.


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Wishing many miracles your way,

XO Mallory.

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