Be in the World, But not of it

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1 month ago I was gifted with the greatest assignment from the Universe. I was thrifting with my sister on a warm sunny afternoon in Boulder. I went to pull out my bag, that was large enough to house a human body, and then one of her bags fell to the ground in slow motion. There was a loud crack and a huge sting of fear that rippled within me, ‘what the heck did I just break?’

I was very impressed by how relaxed my sister was able to stay after she confirmed that I accidentally broke her 400 dollar crystal singing bowl (a tool that she uses every day for sound healing). Even though this was such a silly mistake, it was my fault. I was the one that was dragging my human body bag out of the car. I was the one that dropped her bowl- therefor it was my responsibility to take care of buying her a new one.

When I arrived home a light bulb blasted off and told me to write to myself from the perspective of the ‘great mysterious cosmic forces’. I went straight to my journal and began writing.

This is what the ‘great mysterious cosmic forces’ had to say: “This happened to teach you that money is not real- living up to your integrity at the end of the day is all that matters. Your mind is going to try to think of a million ways that this sucks, or a million other things you could have done with the 400 dollars- but this is how your soul choose to spend this energy in order to invoke soul growth. You will have money for whatever else when you need it- this is what you need now. How neutral can you stay? This is your task. How much can you trust in unlimited abundance and live beyond this world? This is your task. The more you use this challenge as an opportunity to not take the money seriously, the more abundance you will draw into your life. Master this lesson by treating it as not real, embody what a limitless mindset entails.” 

Today I am paying her the last 100 dollars and I have actually shifted my mind to be excited each time I pay her. I have been excited to grow trust Higher Power and gain more strength in my spiritual musculature system. Ever since this happened my relationship with money has drastically improved. I am so much more relaxed and faithful when it comes to spending.

In A Course In Miracles it states, ‘you think you have many problems, but there is only one, your separation from God.’ I realize that the only time I am ever fearful is when I believe in the myth that I am navigating this life thing alone. As soon as I place my reliance on my Higher Power, I can relax knowing all is well and remember that none of this is actually real. Soul growth- the expansion into God consciousness- is all that is real.

We are constantly blessed with so many gracious gifts in order to invoke soul growth- we just have to be open to see them from a higher awareness. Everything that we experience we have subconsciously asked for so that we can cultivate more trust and love in our Higher Power. Everything that we felt was painful can be turned into power. Every piece of copper can be transformed into gold. Every little (or big) thing that seems like a pain in the ducking ass, is actually our amigo walking us home on the heavenly golden brick road.

Our homeboy Jesus states, ‘Be in this world, but not of it’. How can we constantly shift our awareness so that we are not taking the painful experiences of this world so seriously? How can we see differently so that we may reap the rich fruits that life is constantly serving to us on a diamond and crystal platter?

Marianne Williamson states, “A miracle is but a shift in perception.” Dropping my friends singing bowl was nothing short of a miracle. Who would have ever thought in that particular moment?!  I was able to shift my perspective because I had the willingness to take out my journal and see it differently. In ACIM it states that our good intentions are not enough, our willingness is everything. After I was able to see it differently, I was determinedly willing to soak up all the treasures from this lesson, so that I could expand my consciousness to think with the mind of Love.

My question to you dear one, is, what is eating at your heart right now? What seemingly annoying assignment is being shoved down your throat that is making you feel trapped in this world? How can you see this differently? How can you be in this world, but not of it- and invoke soul growth?

Action: Put your pen to paper and allow yourself to be guided from a higher perspective such as I did with the ‘great mysterious cosmic forces’. Sometimes I write from a particular emotion, God, Goddess, etc. Sometimes I have a back and forth conversation with my Higher Power. Sit with your eyes closed for a minute, pray for this higher perspective to take over you, and then let it flow!

Prayer: Please help me see this differently. Please help me be in this world, but not of it.

Please comment below and share your experience with journaling or the situation that you are going to journal about. Lets create a sacred healing community together darlings! Let us all turn the copper into gold from our love and support.

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