Receptive Divine Action

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Anxiety is bubbling through my veins as I begin to write this article because my mind is telling me that I should be doing this or that instead. I feel as if this is a common phenomena that happens within this vessel of my being- the constant influx of questioning if what I am doing is most aligned and conducive with time. There can often be a confusion and rush to be someplace other than where I am at in the present moment. The sacred remedy to heal this anxiety is to align myself with receptive Divine action.

I believe it is human nature to be lightyears ahead of where this earth suite vessel(the body) is currently rooted at. While I can’t control the initial human tendency to sprint like a track star from the embodied experience-I know that I can choose to slow downand accept the fact that I desire to blast off to year 2020- and then make the conscious decision to relax back into the body, so that I can align myself with Divine will, with receptive action.

I believe so much in the practice of doing one task fully at a time as a way of life and as a way to slow down the habitual patterns of future tripping and control. I believe that when we consciously choose to be with one action fully, we are allowing Spirit to catch up with us, so that It can do It’s work through us. I believe that one of the greatest misconceptions of life is that we are supposed to do this life shit alone, that we are supposed to figure everything out. What a delusional myth that this is!

The surrendered action of doing one task fully at a time creates so much organization and ease within one’s being- it allows one to stay in the harmonious flow of Divine Order. I never have any idea what is best for me- where I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to do, or whom I am supposed to connect with. If I can stay with this present task fully, then I might just get a hint and clue to what the path of least resistance is that is next. (Some examples of staying with this task are: setting the phone on airplane mode, taking a moment to set an intention before beginning, take a breath and praying for focus, use the mantra one task at a time, only for right now)

If I am already planning the next moment before I am even half way through this task- I am totally on my own will, my own agenda, my own self-created havoc and anxiety. I believe that relaxation is birthed in the womb of the present moment- this is my cosmic throne of rest and ease. This is relaxation in action, a walking savanna if you will, the embodiment of trust. If I can fully surrender into this momentary task at hand, then I am non-verbally telling the Universe that I trust that It will always take care of the next moment. When I allow myself to rest into the the mystery of the now, I open up to the serendipitous adventures that await for me- I give the Universe permission to spice up my life.

Lately, I have been getting tested like a mofo with the ‘how relaxed, receptive, and open can you stay when all your plans fall through’ game. Naturally, I am someone who wants to control and have everything planned out so that I can feel ‘safe’. When this happens my ego loves to blame the world for the anxiety that trudges behind uncertainty. (which is actually self-inflicted anxiety) When plans fall through it is the Universe winking at me saying that there is a more aligned agenda in the works, but it is up to me to stay open and receptive to what that agenda might be.

Yesterday morning, in particular, I had plans that once again graciously fell through. I started to madly reach out to every friend’s name that came to mind, and initially forgot to check in with the Divine to see what was most aligned. I knew in my body that this forceful effort to reach out to 300 people felt like human will. As I tuned into the embodied sensations of human will I also clearly heard a stern, but warm, voice say ‘put your phone down and let me decide for you’.

I decided to kindly obey this motherly voice and surrendered. I put my headphones in,turned up some music, and basked in the sun with a smile of trust curling up on my lips. I surrender to the momentary task of space and receptivity.  I trusted that if I was meant to play, then the Divine would provide the way. A tingly wave of joy washed over me with the knowing that I never have to push and pull like I just was- that when I relax into the moment, things will come.

Shortly after I had this revelation a sister texted me ( that I didn’t anxiously reach out to). I asked her what she was up to and she ended up invited me to a recovery(12 step) sweat lodge. This was so spontaneous, so aligned, so Divine.

The serendipitous magic of this particular sweat lodge was exactly what I have been calling into my life. (I have been wanting to connect more with a shamanic medicine woman path, but without the use of psychoactives, and here it was laid out right in front of my very eyes.) I believe I attracted this dreamy experience because of the frequency of relaxation I was vibrating at- because I placed my faith into Spirit’s hands.

A habitual tendency of mine is to attempt to anxiously control all the details of my life. I will hear, ‘relax, I have your back’- but my ego believes that she knows what is best. My ego is not staying united with the task at hand, she is jumping out of her skin like a kangaroo on a pogo stick.

When life doesn’t seem to be going ‘my’ way a pause and prayer are most likely the highest solutions to turn to. It is a miracle to create space, and to fully be with the moment of spaciousness. A prayer I like to use is ‘Thy will be done, thy will is yours. Show me what you would have me do. Please help me get out of my own damn way.’

There is such a different vibration and sensation when we are in alignment with Divine will then human will. Divine will feels relaxed, light, and expansive. Human will feels forceful, contracted, and like a speedy gonzalaz on crack. The greatest practice in the world is to witness when we are in human will and counter-act it by taking our god damn foot off the gas.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong picture and think that I am saying to not take any action and to just sit around to wait for things to come all the time, because that is not how the law of nature works. Action is everything- but taking action from a space of inspiration and sacred calibration.

It is extremely helpful to do one task fully at a time so that we can hear the sacred calling and feel the somatic sensations of what Spirit would have us do next. Alignment will guide the path. We must put the conscious effort into what feel right first, and auspicious coincides will flow from there.

My intention is to invite this receptivity in as much as possible so that my life will have more ease, relaxation, and productivity embed into it. I believe from the depths of my womb that life is supposed to feel like a lazy river ride- a lazy river ride that requires energy and a hike to arrive at. Once we invest the footwork to arrive at the river, we invite ourselves to flow with grace.

Hiking to the river requires taking one next best action after the next, no matter how challenging or uncomfortable it might get. We don’t need to know how to get to flow state- all we need to do is tune into what action is being asked from us right now. Life is an endless series of one action after the next, and with the surrender of being fullywith this moment, we will embody the visceral knowing of what Spirit intends for us to do. This is how we master a life of manifestation and magic. When we are in alignment we are at vibrating at our highest and there is something organically working through us for our better behalf- we are able to actually save time and gain energy because of the ease that is cultivated. The greatest creations are birthed from a place of receptive Divine action. Placing alignment as the highest intention invites rampant miracles to transpire

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