Remembering One’s Essence Through Offering

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It has been a minute since I have created any material for this blog because I have been going through a major shift within my own spiritual journey. I created this blog with the intention for it to be focused on radical vulnerability and acceptance, but something felt like it was off.

I realized that The Naked Essence was missing a third ingredient for the mystical potion of alchemy and healing – prayer and offering everything to the Divine. My intention was to make this blog incredibly inclusive for all beings by removing the prayer/ higher power aspect- but this is super inauthentic for me because it is not what I practice(Sometimes we can’t be inclusive for everyone, we have to trust that who is meant to be drawn to our work is exactly who will be there, and others will find someone that resonates with them) I was feeling off because I was being called to step up my prayer and offering game- to return to my deepest level of devotion and  authentic truth.

The only reason I am where I am at today is because I fell madly in love with God. (It feels good in my soul to call this Creation energy ‘God’- but please feel free to reframe this in word in anyway that resonates and feels the most aligned for you) I have been so gifted with the dis-ease of alcoholism and a very insane mind- gifted because I had no other choice besides literally killing myself or surrendering everything over to my Higher Power. My ego wanted me dead. My ego felt like it was stabbing nails into my heart and brain over and over again. In reality- my ego has truly been my amigo- the pain I was feeling was my friendly guide back to Source, my true self. My ego was truly yearning,like a infant yearning for it’s mother’s nipple, for God. My ego wanted God more than air or water. I believe our egos are merely unripe consciousness that want to mature into the light. All my ego desires is radical surrender- for its will to be done- for it to be alchemized into light.

Recently I have been so focused on practicing vulnerability and acceptance that I have distanced myself from the dimension of healing that invoked the journey that I am on today- giving everything to God in prayer/conscious communication. Some peeps would call this ‘airy-fairy’- but this is what I call FAITH! This practice of surrender opens us up a mystical portal that brings forth the evolutionary ‘muscle’ of humility- which brings us into our right-size and helps us get out of our own darn way.

Faith is where so much inspiration, trust, love, and power emanates from. I don’t believe there can be a radical healing journey without some flavor of faith. Faith is a soul vitamin. It requires letting go of the heavy lifting and trusting that we will be lifted and carried along the rest of the way, no matter how messy or intense life may feel. It is placing our burdens into something far greater hands- with the belief that this force has our back- and will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, so that miracles may transpire.

I believe that the Divine is our true source of power. Every time I offer everything over to Her(Him, It..whatever vibes with you) it opens up an opportunity to remember my own power, for our shared infinite power is one. By offering my sorrows to Divine- I gain strength in my true self by remembering the oneness of being. I am not an isolated human that needs to figure out any of the details or do anything alone. I am a soul that is in constant communication with the celestial realms. A soul that has every recourse I could ever need to return back to my essence, my wholeness- to love. I am a human whose suffering offers an invitation to remember all the cosmic forces that are legit waiting upon my beckon call for union.

The Naked Essence movement is about honoring our humanity and our soul essence at the same darn time. Emotional alchemy happens when we refuse to bypass our human experience. We can’t immediately feel the ecstatic light when we are immersed in shadow. We can’t give everything over to our Higher Power and expect it to dissipate without feeling it or cultivating the courage to do the mucky inner work. That would be what we call spiritual bypassing.

Vulnerability and acceptance are the first two steps of the process out out of the darkness and into the light. The third step of offering is what really allows us to remember that yes, we are human, but we are so much more. This offering is the invitation to remember.  To remember our eternal ever expanding naked essence. To remember the soul. The Naked Essence movement is a no bypassing game, it is the full package of becoming a spiritually mature being- a fully evolved human.

To be naked in one’s essence.


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